Explore the holiest ground in the country, the Seventh Wonder of Ukraine – Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Monastery. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage List along with Saint Sophia Cathedral, Lavra Monastery is a significant historical site and the finest example of Ukrainian Baroque. Situated Ukraine’s capital, it is a monastic complex famed for its buried monks, spiritual atmosphere, and unique underground caves.

During the tour you will:

  • See the second deepest metro station in the world (346 feet);
  • Explore numerous architectural monuments built in the 11th-19th centuries, a complex of labyrinthine caves, as well as domestic and household buildings dated the 17th-19th centuries (Upper Lavra & Lower Lavra);
  • Know how two monks dug out a series of deep caves;
  • Go down into the catacombs with over 100 bodies remain;
  • See an active monastery with over 150 monks in residence;
  • Gasp in aweat the amazing panoramic views rising above the grassy banks of Kyiv.